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Westin GenX Oval Tube Drop Step Bars

Product Code: T2WET613.10
GenX Tube Steps on Ford F-150

GenX Tube Steps on Ford F-150

GenX Tube Steps on Ford F-150 Westin GenX Oval Tube Steps Westin GenX Tube Step Pad GenX Tube Steps on Toyota Tundra Genx Tube Steps on Ford w/ Westin HDX Package


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Westin GenX Oval Drop Steps

Westin proudly introduces the GenX Oval Tube Nerf Step Bars. Brand new to the step category, the GenX Nerf Bars feature off-road styling that is perfect for pickup trucks with a suspension lift kit.

The Westin GenX Oval Tube Drop Step combines a street-style oval tubular bar together with an off-road style drop step, which decreases the step-up distance by 6", for easier access to your truck cab. The drop-step is especially handy if you have installed a lift kit on your truck.

GenX Steps feature a 4" Oval upper tube, along with a visible 2" accent tube and a 2" drop-step tube. The step area has a molded step pad that also features the Westin logo and unique, non-slip tread pattern. Genx Oval Nerf Bars are rocker panel mounted.

Each set of GenX Oval Tube Steps comes complete with a mounting kit for your specific pickup truck application. Westin offers applications for most popular Chevy, Dodge, Ford and Toyota trucks and they are developing more applications all the time. So, if you don't see your truck below right now, check back often and you won't be disappointed.

Constructed from Mild Steel with a Black Powdercoat Finish. Backed by Westin's 3-year limited warranty.

Westin GenX Oval Drop Step Bar Features:

  • Mount Kit Included
  • Black powdercoat finish
  • Mild steel construction
  • 4" oval upper tube
  • 2" accent bar
  • Drop down nerf step is a 2" oval tube
  • Decreases step-up distance by 6", perfect for lifted trucks
  • Molded step pad with unique non-slip pattern and Westin logo
  • Rocker panel mounting
  • 3-yr mfr warranty

Westin GenX Oval Tube Step Bar Video:




YearModelDescriptionCab Style Ftiment Data Finish Part #Price Sale Qty 
1999-2013Sierra / Silverado1500Extended Cab Black20-1685$358.99$330.27
1999-2013Sierra / Silverado1500Extended Cab Polished Stainless20-1680$537.99$494.95
1999-2013Sierra / Silverado1500Crew Cab Black20-1955$358.99$330.27
1999-2013Sierra / Silverado1500Crew Cab Polished Stainless20-1950$537.99$494.95
2001-2007Sierra / Silverado1500HDCrew Cab Black20-1955$358.99$330.27
2001-2007Sierra / Silverado1500HDCrew Cab Polished Stainless20-1950$537.99$494.95
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado1500Crew Cab Black20-3725$358.99$330.27
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado1500Crew Cab Polished Stainless20-3720$537.99$494.95
2014Sierra / Silverado1500Double Cab Black20-3715$358.99$330.27
2014Sierra / Silverado1500Double Cab Polished Stainless20-3710$537.99$494.95
1999-2004Sierra / Silverado2500LDExtended Cab Black20-1685$358.99$330.27
1999-2004Sierra / Silverado2500LDExtended Cab Polished Stainless20-1680$537.99$494.95
2001-2014Sierra / Silverado2500HD / 3500HDExtended Cab Black20-1685$358.99$330.27
2001-2014Sierra / Silverado2500HD / 3500HDExtended Cab Polished Stainless20-1680$537.99$494.95
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado2500 / 3500HDExtended CabWill NOT fit 2011-2014 Diesel modelsBlack20-3715$358.99$330.27
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado2500 / 3500HDExtended CabWill NOT fit 2011-2014 Diesel modelsPolished Stainless20-3710$537.99$494.95
2011-2014Sierra / Silverado2500 / 3500HD Diesel OnlyExtended CabDiesel Models OnlyBlack20-3765$358.99$330.27
2011-2014Sierra / Silverado2500 / 3500HD Diesel OnlyExtended CabDiesel Models OnlyPolished Stainless20-3760$537.99$494.95
1999-2004Sierra / Silverado2500LDCrew Cab Black20-1955$358.99$330.27
1999-2004Sierra / Silverado2500LDCrew Cab Polished Stainless20-1950$537.99$494.95
2001-2014Sierra / Silverado2500 / 3500HDCrew CabWill NOT fit
2011-2014 Diesel models
2001-2014Sierra / Silverado2500 / 3500HDCrew CabWill NOT fit
2011-2014 Diesel models
Polished Stainless20-1950$537.99$494.95
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado2500 / 3500HDCrew CabWill NOT fit 2011-2014 Diesel modelsBlack20-3725$358.99$330.27
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado2500 / 3500HDCrew CabWill NOT fit 2011-2014 Diesel modelsPolished Stainless20-3720$537.99$494.95
2011-2014Sierra / Silverado2500 / 3500HD DieselCrew CabDiesel Models OnlyBlack20-3775$358.99$330.27
2011-2014Sierra / Silverado2500 /3500HD DieselCrew CabDiesel Models OnlyPolished Stainless20-3770$537.99$494.95
YearModelDescriptionCab Style Ftiment Data Finish Part #Price Sale Qty 
2009-2014Ram1500Quad Cab Black20-3555$358.99$330.27
2009-2014Ram1500Quad Cab Polished Stainless20-3550$537.99$494.95
2009-2014Ram1500Crew Cab Black20-3565$358.99$330.27
2009-2014Ram1500Crew Cab Polished Stainless20-3560$537.99$494.95
2010-2014Ram2500 / 3500Crew Cab Black20-3565$358.99$330.27
2010-2014Ram2500 / 3500Crew Cab Polished Stainless20-3560$537.99$494.95
YearModelDescriptionCab Style Ftiment Data Finish Part #Price Sale Qty 
2009-2014F-150 Super Cab Black20-3515$358.99$330.27
2009-2014F-150 Super Cab Polished Stainless20-3510$537.99$494.95
2004-2008F-150 Super Crew Black20-2365$358.99$330.27
2004-2008F-150 Super Crew Polished Stainless20-2360$537.99$494.95
2009-2014F-150 Super Crew Black20-3525$358.99$330.27
2009-2014F-150 Super Crew Polished Stainless20-3520$537.99$494.95
1999-2014F-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-550 Super Cab Black20-1315$358.99$330.27
1999-2014F-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-550 Super Cab Polished Stainless20-1310$537.99$494.95
1999-2014F-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-550 Crew Cab Black20-1335$358.99$330.27
1999-2014F-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-550 Crew Cab Polished Stainless20-1330$537.99$494.95
YearModelDescriptionCab Style Ftiment Data Finish Part #Price Sale Qty 
2007-2014WranglerUnlimited4 Door Black20-3295$358.99$330.27
2007-2014WranglerUnlimited4 Door Polished Stainless20-3290$537.99$494.95
2007-2014Wrangler 2 Door Black20-3315$220.99$203.31
2007-2014Wrangler 2 Door Polished Stainless20-3310$428.99$394.67
YearModelDescriptionCab Style Ftiment Data Finish Part #Price Sale Qty 
2005-2014Tacoma Extended Cab Black20-2675$358.99$330.27
2005-2014Tacoma Extended Cab Polished Stainless20-2670$537.99$494.95
2005-2014Tacoma Double Cab Black20-2775$358.99$330.27
2005-2014Tacoma Double Cab Polished Stainless20-2770$537.99$494.95
2007-2014Tundra Double Cab Black20-3245$358.99$330.27
2007-2014Tundra Double Cab Polished Stainless20-3240$537.99$494.95
2007-2014Tundra Crew Max Black20-3255$358.99$330.27
2007-2014Tundra Crew Max Polished Stainless20-3250$537.99$494.95
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