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Wade Sure-Fit Floor Mats - 2nd Row

Product Code: K0WAD0105.11

Wade Sure-Fit Floor Mats


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Price:    $89.99
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Wade Sure-Fit Floor Mats

Wade Automotive Products has designed and manufactured the most advanced and complete floor protection available on the market today! Wade digitally measures the interior surface to insure both accuracy and complete coverage to protect your carpeted vehicle.

Made from a rubberized copolymer, Wade Sure-Fit Mats have a rigid core for durability, with a tactile surface, offering friction against the carpet, to insure a "Sure Fit", and once installed, they won't move unless you move them, keeping the carpet in your Pickup Truck, SUV or CUV "Factory New".

Wade Sure-Fit Front Row Floor Mats Characteristics:

  • Protects carpet for longevity
  • Rubberized copolymer
  • Rigid core and tactile surface
  • Rear seat and cargo area designs available
  • Available in Black, Gray and Tan
  • Application specific
  • Limited lifetime warranty



YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Color Part #Price Qty 
2007-2014Escalade  Black72-113023$89.99
2007-2014Escalade  Gray72-123023$89.99
2007-2014Escalade  Tan72-133023$89.99
2007-2014EscaladeMat for aisle between 2nd row / front buckets Black72-110006$89.99
2007-2014EscaladeMat for aisle between 2nd row / front buckets Gray72-120006$89.99
2007-2014EscaladeMat for aisle between 2nd row / front buckets Tan72-130006$89.99
2007-2014Escalade ESV/EXTBlack72-113002$89.99
2007-2014Escalade ESV/EXTGray72-123002$89.99
2007-2014Escalade ESV/EXTTan72-133002$89.99
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Color Part #Price Qty 
2007-2013Avalanche  Black72-112009$89.99
2007-2013Avalanche  Gray72-122009$89.99
2007-2013Avalanche  Tan72-132009$89.99
1999-2006Sierra / Silverado 1500Includes 2007 Classic Body Style modelsExtended CabGray72-123030$89.99
1999-2006Sierra / Silverado 1500Includes 2007 Classic Body Style modelsExtended CabTan72-133030$89.99
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 Extended CabBlack72-114008$89.99
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 Extended CabGray72-124008$89.99
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 Extended CabTan72-134008$89.99
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 Double CabBlack72-114058$89.99
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 Double CabGray72-124058$89.99
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 Double CabTan72-134058$89.99
2001-2003Sierra / Silverado 1500 Crew CabBlack72-113031$89.99
2001-2003Sierra / Silverado 1500 Crew CabGray72-123031$89.99
2001-2003Sierra / Silverado 1500 Crew CabTan72-133031$89.99
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 Crew CabBlack72-114007$89.99
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 Crew CabGray72-124007$89.99
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 Crew CabTan72-134007$89.99
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 Crew CabBlack72-114055$89.99
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 Crew CabGray72-124055$89.99
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 Crew CabTan72-134055$89.99
1999-2006Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500Includes 2007 Classic Body Style modelsExtended CabGray72-123030$89.99
1999-2006Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500Includes 2007 Classic Body Style modelsExtended CabTan72-133030$89.99
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 Extended CabBlack72-114008$89.99
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 Extended CabGray72-124008$89.99
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 Extended CabTan72-134008$89.99
2001-2003Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 Crew CabBlack72-113031$89.99
2001-2003Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 Crew CabGray72-123031$89.99
2001-2003Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 Crew CabTan72-133031$89.99
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 Crew CabBlack72-114007$89.99
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 Crew CabGray72-124007$89.99
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 Crew CabTan72-134007$89.99
2007-2014Suburban  Black72-112005$89.99
2007-2014Suburban  Gray72-122005$89.99
2007-2014Suburban  Tan72-132005$89.99
2007-2014TahoeMat for aisle between 2nd row / front buckets Black72-110006$89.99
2007-2014TahoeMat for aisle between 2nd row / front buckets Gray72-120006$89.99
2007-2014TahoeMat for aisle between 2nd row / front buckets Tan72-130006$89.99
2007-2014Tahoe  Black72-112005$89.99
2007-2014Tahoe  Gray72-122005$89.99
2007-2014Tahoe  Tan72-132005$89.99
2007-2014Yukon incl.DenaliBlack72-112005$89.99
2007-2014Yukon incl.DenaliGray72-122005$89.99
2007-2014Yukon incl.DenaliTan72-132005$89.99
2007-2014YukonMat for aisle between 2nd row / front bucketsincl.DenaliBlack72-110006$89.99
2007-2014YukonMat for aisle between 2nd row / front bucketsincl.DenaliGray72-120006$89.99
2007-2014YukonMat for aisle between 2nd row / front bucketsincl.DenaliTan72-130006$89.99
2007-2014Yukon XL incl.Denali XLBlack72-112005$89.99
2007-2014Yukon XL incl.Denali XLGray72-122005$89.99
2007-2014Yukon XL incl.Denali XLTan72-132005$89.99
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Color Part #Price Qty 
2002-2008Ram 1500 4wd Quad CabBlack72-113028$89.99
2002-2008Ram 1500 4wd Quad CabGray72-123028$89.99
2002-2008Ram 1500 4wd Quad CabTan72-133028$89.99
2006-2009Ram 1500 4wd Mega CabBlack72-113029$89.99
2006-2009Ram 1500 4wd Mega CabGray72-123029$89.99
2006-2009Ram 1500 4wd Mega CabTan72-133029$89.99
2009-2014Ram 1500 Crew CabBlack72-114026$89.99
2009-2014Ram 1500 Crew CabGray72-124026$89.99
2009-2014Ram 1500 Crew CabTan72-134026$89.99
2009-2014Ram 1500 Quad CabBlack72-114025$89.99
2009-2014Ram 1500 Quad CabGray72-124025$89.99
2009-2014Ram 1500 Quad CabTan72-134025$89.99
2003-2014Ram 2500 / 3500 4wd Mega CabBlack72-113029$89.99
2003-2014Ram 2500 / 3500 4wd Mega CabGray72-123029$89.99
2003-2014Ram 2500 / 3500 4wd Mega CabTan72-133029$89.99
2010-2014Ram 2500 / 3500 Crew CabBlack72-114026$89.99
2010-2014Ram 2500 / 3500 Crew CabGray72-124026$89.99
2010-2014Ram 2500 / 3500 Crew CabTan72-134026$89.99
2010-2014Ram 2500 / 3500 Quad CabBlack72-114025$89.99
2010-2014Ram 2500 / 3500 Quad CabGray72-124025$89.99
2010-2014Ram 2500 / 3500 Quad CabTan72-134025$89.99
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Color Part #Price Qty 
2013-2014Escape  Black72-113060$89.99
2013-2014Escape  Gray72-123060$89.99
2013-2014Escape  Tan72-133060$89.99
2004-2008F-150 Super CabBlack72-114012$89.99
2004-2008F-150 Super CabGray72-124012$89.99
2004-2008F-150 Super CabTan72-134012$89.99
2009-2014F-150 Super CabBlack72-114019$89.99
2009-2014F-150 Super CabGray72-124019$89.99
2009-2014F-150 Super CabTan72-134019$89.99
2004-2008F-150 Super CrewBlack72-113013$89.99
2004-2008F-150 Super CrewGray72-123013$89.99
2009-2014F-150 Super CrewBlack72-114020$89.99
2009-2014F-150 Super CrewGray72-124020$89.99
2009-2014F-150 Super CrewTan72-134020$89.99
1999-2007F-250 / F-350 Super CabBlack72-113022$89.99
1999-2007F-250 / F-350 Super CabGray72-123022$89.99
1999-2007F-250 / F-350 Super CabTan72-133022$89.99
2008-2010F-250 / F-350 Super CabBlack72-113014$89.99
2008-2010F-250 / F-350 Super CabGray72-123014$89.99
2008-2010F-250 / F-350 Super CabTan72-133014$89.99
1999-2007F-250 / F-350 Crew CabBlack72-113014$89.99
1999-2007F-250 / F-350 Crew CabGray72-123014$89.99
1999-2007F-250 / F-350 Crew CabTan72-133014$89.99
2008-2010F-250 / F-350 Crew CabBlack72-113014$89.99
2008-2010F-250 / F-350 Crew CabGray72-123014$89.99
2008-2010F-250 / F-350 Crew CabTan72-133014$89.99
2011-2014F-250 / F-350 Crew CabBlack72-112038$89.99
2011-2014F-250 / F-350 Crew CabGray72-122038$89.99
2011-2014F-250 / F-350 Crew CabTan72-132038$89.99
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Color Part #Price Qty 
2011-2014Wrangler Unlimited 4drBlack72-112041$89.99
2011-2014Wrangler Unlimited 4drGray72-122041$89.99
2011-2014Wrangler Unlimited 4drTan72-132041$89.99
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Color Part #Price Qty 
2007-2013Tundra Crew MaxBlack72-113017$89.99
2007-2013Tundra Crew MaxGray72-123017$89.99
2007-2013Tundra Crew MaxTan72-133017$89.99
2007-2013Tundra Double CabBlack72-113016$89.99
2007-2013Tundra Double CabGray72-123016$89.99
2007-2013Tundra Double CabTan72-133016$89.99
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