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ProTecta Heavy Weight Truck Bed Mat

Product Code: R4LRV4.1
Protecta Rubber Bed Mat Installed in Red Truck

ProTecta Heavy Weight Truck Bed Mat

Protecta Rubber Bed Mat Installed in Red Truck Features of the Protecta Truck Bedmat Protecta Bedmats Sport an Enhanced Pebble Finish Knobby underside of the Protecta Truck Bed Mat 3/8" Thick Protecta Truck Bedmat Protecta Rubber Bed Mats provide protection from normal use


About This Item ...

Price:    $94.43 - $100.00
SALE: $84.99 - $90.00
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ProTecta Heavy Weight Truck Bed Mat: Extra Thick for Tough, Durable Protection

Safeguard your truck and your cargo with a bedmat from Protecta.

ProTecta Heavyweight Truck Bed Mats are extra thick to give you exceptional toughness and durability. They provide superior abrasion resistance and tear strength. Virtually indestructible, this bed mat can take the punishment of daily use in even the harshest of environments. This bedmat can even protect your truck bed against most chemical spills.

Key Features and Benefits of the ProTecta Heavy Weight Truck Bed Mat:
  • Stylish pebble finish resists cargo shift
  • Raised ribs run lengthwise for easier cargo loading
  • Custom-molded mats fit vehicle beds perfectly, contouring around wheel wells with no trimming required
  • Universal utility mats also available in rectangular shapes, which can be easily trimmed to fit the size and shape required
  • Manufactured from Nyracord, a high-strength, cord-enhanced rubber compound, ProTecta bed mat will not crack or break, even in extreme temperatures
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Matching Heavy Weight Tailgate Covers are also available.

Protecta Heavyweight Bedmat



YearModelDescriptionBed Length Size Part #Price Sale Qty 
 Utility Mat - smooth surface  60.00" x 84.00"6898D$94.43$84.99
 Utility Mat - textured surface (as shown)  72.00" x 98.00"6721D$100.00$90.00
YearModelDescriptionBed Length Size Part #Price Sale Qty 
1988-1998CK 6.5'64.00" x 78.25"6794D$94.43$84.99
1988-1998CK 8'64.00" x 97.25"6793D$100.00$90.00
2004-2013Colorado / Canyon 6'56.00" x 71.75"6939D$94.43$84.99
2015Colorado / Canyon 6' 7010D$94.43$84.99
2004-2013Colorado / Canyon, Crew Cab 5'56.00" x 60.25"6938D$94.43$84.99
2015Colorado / Canyon, Crew Cab 5' 7009D$94.43$84.99
1973-1987Full Size 8'71.25" x 97.50"6642D$100.00$90.00
1988-1991RV (4 Door) 8'71.25" x 97.50"6642D$100.00$90.00
1994-2003S-10 / S-15 / Sonoma 6'54.00" x 72.00"6832D$94.43$84.99
2004-2006Silverado / Sierra 1500Includes 2007 Classic Body Style5.8'64.00" x 68.50"6933D$94.43$84.99
1999-2006Silverado / SierraIncludes 2007 Classic Body Style6.5'63.75" x 78.25"6887D$94.43$84.99
1999-2006Silverado / SierraIncludes 2007 Classic Body Style8'63.75" x 96.75"6886D$100.00$90.00
2007-2015Silverado / Sierra 1500 5.8'62.00" x 69.00"6972D$94.43$84.99
2007-2015Silverado / Sierra 6.5'62.00" x 78.50"6973D$94.43$84.99
2007-2015Silverado / Sierra 8'62.00" x 97.25"6974D$100.00$90.00
1988-2006Sportside, Full Size 6.5'48.50" x 78.25"6799D$94.43$84.99
YearModelDescriptionBed Length Size Part #Price Sale Qty 
2000-2011Dakota Quad Cab 5'59.50" x 64.00"6904D$94.43$84.99
1987-2011Dakota, Regular Cab / Club Cab 6.5'59.25" x 77.50"6790D$94.43$84.99
1994-2001Ram 1500 6.5'66.25" x 77.25"6830D$94.43$84.99
1994-2001Ram 1500 8'66.25" x 97.75"6829D$100.00$90.00
2009-2015Ram 1500 Crew CabIncludes scribe line to cut for vehicles equipped w/Ram Box5'7"63.00" x 65.75"6996D$94.43$84.99
2002-2015Ram 1500 6.5'63.00" x 75.00"6917D$94.43$84.99
2002-2015Ram 1500 8'63.00" x 97.00"6916D$100.00$90.00
1994-2002Ram 2500 / 3500 6.5'66.25" x 77.25"6830D$94.43$84.99
1994-2002Ram 2500 / 3500 8'66.25" x 97.75"6829D$100.00$90.00
2003-2015Ram 2500 / 3500 6.5'63.00" x 75.00"6917D$94.43$84.99
2003-2015Ram 2500 / 3500 8'63.00" x 97.00"6916D$100.00$90.00
YearModelDescriptionBed Length Size Part #Price Sale Qty 
1997-2003F150 / F250 Light Duty 8'64.00" x 96.75"6869D$100.00$90.00
1997-2003F150 / F250 Light Duty 6.5'64.00" x 78.25"6870D$94.43$84.99
2004F150, Heritage Edition 6.5'64.00" x 78.25"6870D$94.43$84.99
2004F150, Heritage Edition 8'64.00" x 96.75"6869D$100.00$90.00
2004-2014F150 6.5'64.00" x 78.25"6929D$94.43$84.99
2015F150 6.5' 7006D$94.43$84.99
2004-2014F150 8'64.00" x 96.75"6930D$100.00$90.00
2015F150 8' 7007D$100.00$90.00
2004-2014F150 Super Crew 5.5'64.00" x 64.50"6928D$94.43$84.99
2015F150 Super Crew 5.5' 7005D$94.43$84.99
1999-2015F250 / F350 /450 Super Duty 6.5'65.00" x 81.50"6882D$94.43$84.99
1999-2015F250 / F350 / 450 Super Duty 8'65.00" x 97.75"6881D$100.00$90.00
1997F250 Super Duty 6.5'65.00" x 81.50"6702D$94.43$84.99
1997F250 Super Duty 8'65.00" x 97.75"6645D$100.00$90.00
1974-1996Full Size 6.5'65.00" x 81.50"6702D$94.43$84.99
1974-1996Full Size 8'65.00" x 97.75"6645D$100.00$90.00
YearModelDescriptionBed Length Size Part #Price Sale Qty 
2006-2014Honda Ridgeline 5'53.75 x 57.506968D$94.43$84.99
YearModelDescriptionBed Length Size Part #Price Sale Qty 
1996-2000Hombre 6'56.00" x 72.25"6832D$94.43$84.99
YearModelDescriptionBed Length Size Part #Price Sale Qty 
2006-2010Mark LT 5.5"64.00" x 64.50"6928D$94.43$84.99
YearModelDescriptionBed Length Size Part #Price Sale Qty 
2006-2009Raider 5'59.50" x 64.00"6904D$94.43$84.99
2006-2009Raider 6.5'59.25" x 77.50"6790D$94.43$84.99
YearModelDescriptionBed Length Size Part #Price Sale Qty 
1994-2011B Series 7'51.50" x 83.25"6647D$94.43$84.99
YearModelDescriptionBed Length Size Part #Price Sale Qty 
2005-2015Frontier, King Cab / Crew Cab 6' (Trim to fit 5' Bed)60.00" x 72.00"6965D$94.43$84.99
2004-2015Titan King Cab / Crew Cab 6.5' (Trim to fit 5.5' Bed)62.00" x 77.25"6966D$94.43$84.99
YearModelDescriptionBed Length Size Part #Price Sale Qty 
1989-2004Tacoma, Standard Pick up / Regular Cab / Access Cab 6'58.25" x 74.25"6501D$94.43$84.99
2005-2015Tacoma, Double Cab (trimming of mat required) 5'53.00" x 73.00"6964D$94.43$84.99
2005-2015Tacoma, Regular Cab / Access Cab / Double Cab 6'53.00" x 73.00"6964D$94.43$84.99
2004-2006Tundra, Double Cab 6.5'62.75" x 75.50"6888D$94.43$84.99
2000-2006Tundra, Regular Cab / Access Cab 6.5'62.75" x 75.50"6888D$94.43$84.99
2007-2015Tundra, 5.5' Bed 5.5'64.5" x 65.75"6985D$94.43$84.99
2007-2015Tundra, 6.5' Bed 6.5'64.5" x 77.75"6986D$94.43$84.99
* Free Shipping Excludes Alaska, Hawaii & Canada. See our shipping policy for additional information.