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Pendaliner Truck Bed Liner

Product Code: K1PND001.01
Pendaliner in Loaded Truck

Pendaliner with Load

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Price:    $325.99
SALE: $293.39
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Penda Pendaliner

Pendaliner Truck Bed Liners

Pendaliner is the world's leading manufacturer of plastic molded drop-in truck bed liners. Each liner has been designed for ease of installation and the best possible fit on the market. Drop-in liners install easily and provide the best level of truck bed protection available by completely covering the inside of your truck's bed. These liners are available in over-the-rail and under-the-rail configurations, giving you the choice on your level of protection.

Over Rail: Over-the-rail liners drop into your bed and cover both the inside of your truck bed and the top rails outside of the truck box. This allows for superior protection against dents, dings and scratches to both the inside and top of your truck bed.

Under Rail: Under-the-rail liners drop into your bed and protect the inside from damage. These liners come up the sides of the inside of your truck bed and stop before the rails. This allows you to install custom rail caps, rails, ladder racks and more without sacrificing bed protection.

Pendaliner bed liners have a special extreme skid resistance property that allows you to keep your cargo secure without worry of it sliding all over your truck bed. These liners are also highly resistant to oil, gas and chemicals making them the perfect liner for hauling quads, atvs, motorcycles, lawn equipment and more.

Penda truck bed liners are specially molded for each vehicle for a perfect fit and will last through years of abuse. Each truck bed liner comes with a plastic molded tailgate cover that is also skid resistant. These tailgate covers protect your tailgate from damage and feature cup holders to keep your drinks in place when relaxing.

Features of the Pendaliner Bed Liner

  • Virtually wear-proof skid resistance that outperforms the competition
  • Durable polyethylene material for solid protection against dents and scratches
  • Now with extreme skid resistance for extra protection
  • Great resistance to gasoline, oil and other chemicals
  • Vehicle-specific molds that fit your truck and look great
  • Patented functionality � including board holders and cup holders
  • Your complete satisfaction guaranteed with Penda�s No Hassle Warranty




YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Bed Config. Part #Price Sale Qty 
1973-1987C/K Fleetside/Wideside6' 6"Under Rail81002SRX$325.99$293.39
1973-1987C/K Fleetside/Wideside8' 0"Over Rail71001SRX$325.99$293.39
1973-1987C/K Fleetside/Wideside8' 0"Under Rail81001SRX$325.99$293.39
1988-1998C/K Stepside6' 6"Over Rail71005SRX$325.99$293.39
1988-1998C/K Stepside6' 6"Under Rail81005SRX$325.99$293.39
1988-1998C/K  6' 6"Over Rail71004SRX$325.99$293.39
1988-1998C/K  6' 6"Under Rail81004SRX$325.99$293.39
1988-1998C/K  8' 0"Over Rail71003SRX$325.99$293.39
1988-1998C/K  8' 0"Under Rail81003SRX$325.99$293.39
2004-2013Canyon / Colorado CrewCab5' 0"Over Rail51107SRX$325.99$293.39
2004-2013Canyon / Colorado CrewCab5' 0"Under Rail61107SRX$325.99$293.39
2004-2013Canyon / Colorado  6' 0"Over Rail51106SRX$325.99$293.39
2004-2013Canyon / Colorado  6' 0"Under Rail61106SRX$325.99$293.39
1982-1993S-10 / S-15 / Sonoma  6' 0"Under Rail81102SRX$325.99$293.39
1994-2003S-10 / S-15 / Sonoma  6' 0"Over Rail51104SRX$325.99$293.39
1994-2003S-10 / S-15 / Sonoma  6' 0"Under Rail61104SRX$325.99$293.39
1997-2003S-10 Sportside6' 0"Under Rail81105SRX$325.99$293.39
1999-2006Sierra / SilveradoIncludes 2007 Classic Body Style models 6' 6"Over Rail51007SRX$325.99$293.39
1999-2006Sierra / SilveradoIncludes 2007 Classic Body Style models 6' 6"Under Rail61007SRX$325.99$293.39
1999-2006Sierra / SilveradoIncludes 2007 Classic Body Style models 8' 0"Over Rail51006SRX$325.99$293.39
1999-2006Sierra / SilveradoIncludes 2007 Classic Body Style models 8' 0"Under Rail61006SRX$325.99$293.39
1999-2006Sierra / SilveradoIncludes 2007 Classic Body Style modelsSportside6' 6"Under Rail81008SRX$325.99$293.39
2004-2006Sierra / SilveradoIncludes 2007 Classic Body Style modelsCrewCab5' 6"Under Rail61009SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 with cargo mgt system5' 8"Under Rail61025SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 with cargo mgt system6' 6"Under Rail61023SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 with cargo mgt system8' 0"Under Rail61021SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 w/o cargo mgt5' 8"Under Rail61024SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Sierra 1500 w/o cargo mgt5' 8"Over Rail71021SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Silverado 1500 w/o cargo mgt5' 8"Over Rail71023SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 w/o cargo mgt6' 6"Under Rail61022SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Sierra 1500 w/o cargo mgt6' 6"Over Rail71020SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Silverado 1500 w/o cargo mgt6' 6"Over Rail71022SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Sierra / Silverado 1500 w/o cargo mgt8' 0"Under Rail61020SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Sierra 1500 w/o cargo mgt8' 0"Over Rail71024SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2013Silverado 1500 w/o cargo mgt8' 0"Over Rail71025SRX$325.99$293.39
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 with cargo lamp5' 8"Under Rail61026SRX$325.99$293.39
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 with cargo lamp6' 6"Under Rail61027SRX$325.99$293.39
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 with cargo lamp8' 0"Under Rail61028SRX$325.99$293.39
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 w/o cargo lamp5' 8"Under Rail61024SRZX$325.99$293.39
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 w/o cargo lamp6' 6"Under Rail61022SRZX$325.99$293.39
2014-2015Sierra / Silverado 1500 w/o cargo lamp8' 0"Under Rail61020SRZX$325.99$293.39
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 w/o cargo mgt6' 6"Under Rail61022SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2014Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 w/o cargo mgt8' 0"Under Rail61020SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2014Sierra 2500-3500 w/o cargo mgt6' 6"Over Rail71020SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2014Sierra 2500-3500 w/o cargo mgt8' 0"Over Rail71024SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2014Silverado 2500-3500 w/o cargo mgt6' 6"Over Rail71022SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2014Silverado 2500-3500 w/o cargo mgt8' 0"Over Rail71025SRX$325.99$293.39
2015Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 with cargo lamp6' 6"Under Rail61027SRX$325.99$293.39
2015Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 with cargo lamp8' 0"Under Rail61028SRX$325.99$293.39
2015Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 w/o cargo lamp6' 6"Under Rail61022SRZX$325.99$293.39
2015Sierra / Silverado 2500-3500 w/o cargo lamp8' 0"Under Rail61020SRZX$325.99$293.39
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Bed Config. Part #Price Sale Qty 
1986-1996Dakota  6' 6"Under Rail82102SRX$325.99$293.39
1997Dakota  6' 6"Under Rail82102SRZX$325.99$293.39
1998-2004Dakota  6' 6"Over Rail52106SRX$325.99$293.39
1998-2004Dakota  6' 6"Under Rail62106SRX$325.99$293.39
2000-2004Dakota QuadCab5' 6"Under Rail62107SRX$325.99$293.39
2005-2007Dakota QuadCab5' 6"Under Rail62107SRZX$325.99$293.39
2005-2007Dakota  6' 6"Over Rail52108SRX$325.99$293.39
2005-2007Dakota  6' 6"Under Rail62106SRZX$325.99$293.39
2008-2011Dakota QuadCab w/ spoiler5' 6"Under Rail62110SRZX$325.99$293.39
2008-2011Dakota QuadCab w/o spoiler5' 6"Under Rail62110SRX$325.99$293.39
2008-2011Dakota w/o spoiler6' 6"Under Rail62108SRX$325.99$293.39
1994-2001Ram 1500  6' 6"Over Rail52004SRX$325.99$293.39
1994-2001Ram 1500  6' 6"Under Rail62004SRX$325.99$293.39
1994-2001Ram 1500  8' 0"Over Rail72003SRX$325.99$293.39
1994-2001Ram 1500  8' 0"Under Rail62003SRX$325.99$293.39
2002-2008Ram 1500  8' 0"Over Rail52014SRZX$325.99$293.39
2002-2008Ram 1500  6' 4"Over Rail52016SRZX$325.99$293.39
2002-2008Ram 1500  6' 4"Under Rail62016SRZX$325.99$293.39
2009-2014Ram 1500 w/ RamBox5' 7"Under Rail62018SRX$325.99$293.39
2009-2015Ram 1500 w/o RamBox5' 7"Under Rail62017SRX$325.99$293.39
2009-2015Ram 1500  6' 4"Under Rail62016SRZZX$325.99$293.39
2009-2015Ram 1500  8' 0"Under Rail62014SRZZX$325.99$293.39
1994-2002Ram 2500 / 3500  6' 6"Over Rail52004SRX$325.99$293.39
1994-2002Ram 2500 / 3500  6' 6"Under Rail62004SRX$325.99$293.39
1994-2002Ram 2500 / 3500  8' 0"Over Rail72003SRX$325.99$293.39
1994-2002Ram 2500 / 3500  8' 0"Under Rail62003SRX$325.99$293.39
2003-2009Ram 2500 / 3500  6' 4"Over Rail52016SRX$325.99$293.39
2003-2009Ram 2500 / 3500  6' 4"Under Rail62016SRX$325.99$293.39
2003-2009Ram 2500 / 3500  8' 0"Over Rail52014SRX$325.99$293.39
2003-2009Ram 2500 / 3500  8' 0"Under Rail62014SRX$325.99$293.39
2010-2015Ram 2500 / 3500  6' 4"Under Rail62016SRZZX$325.99$293.39
2010-2015Ram 2500 / 3500  8' 0"Under Rail62014SRZZX$325.99$293.39
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Bed Config. Part #Price Sale Qty 
1975-1986F-100  7' 0"Over Rail73002SRX$325.99$293.39
1975-1986F-100  7' 0"Under Rail83002SRX$325.99$293.39
1975-1986F-100  8' 0"Over Rail73001SRX$325.99$293.39
1975-1986F-100  8' 0"Under Rail83001SRX$325.99$293.39
1987-1996F-150  7' 0"Over Rail73002SRZX$325.99$293.39
1987-1996F-150  7' 0"Under Rail83002SRZX$325.99$293.39
1987-1996F-150  8' 0"Over Rail73001SRZX$325.99$293.39
1987-1996F-150  8' 0"Under Rail83001SRZX$325.99$293.39
1997-2003F-150Includes 2004 Heritage models 6' 6"Under Rail63004SRX$325.99$293.39
1997-2003F-150Includes 2004 Heritage models 8' 0"Under Rail63003SRX$325.99$293.39
1997-2003F-150Includes 2004 Heritage modelsFlareside6' 6"Under Rail83009SRX$325.99$293.39
2000-2003F-150Includes 2004 Heritage modelsSuperCrew5' 6"Under Rail63005SRX$325.99$293.39
2004-2009F-150 Flareside6' 6"Under Rail63013SRX$325.99$293.39
2004-2014F-150 SuperCrew w/o cargo mgt.5' 6"Under Rail63012SRZX$325.99$293.39
2004-2014F-150 w/o cargo mgt.6' 6"Under Rail63011SRZX$325.99$293.39
2004-2014F-150 w/o cargo mgt.8' 0"Under Rail63010SRZX$325.99$293.39
2015F-150  5 6"Under Rail 63016SRX$325.99$293.39
2015F-150  6' 6"Under Rail63017SRX$325.99$293.39
2015F-150  8' 0"Under Rail63018SRX$325.99$293.39
1975-1986F-250 / F-350  7' 0"Over Rail73002SRX$325.99$293.39
1975-1986F-250 / F-350  7' 0"Under Rail83002SRX$325.99$293.39
1975-1986F-250 / F-350  8' 0"Over Rail73001SRX$325.99$293.39
1975-1986F-250 / F-350  8' 0"Under Rail83001SRX$325.99$293.39
1987-1996F-250 / F-350  7' 0"Over Rail73002SRZX$325.99$293.39
1987-1996F-250 / F-350  7' 0"Under Rail83002SRZX$325.99$293.39
1987-1996F-250 / F-350  8' 0"Over Rail73001SRZX$325.99$293.39
1987-1996F-250 / F-350  8' 0"Under Rail83001SRZX$325.99$293.39
1997-1998F-250 Light Duty6' 6"Under Rail63004SRX$325.99$293.39
1997-1998F-250 Light Duty8' 0"Under Rail63003SRX$325.99$293.39
1999-2015F-250 / F-350 / F-450 w/o bed extender7' 0"Under Rail63007SRX$325.99$293.39
1999-2015F-250 / F-350 / F-450 w/o bed extender8' 0"Under Rail63006SRX$325.99$293.39
2008-2015F-250 / F-350 / F-450 w/ bed extender7' 0"Under Rail63007SRZX$325.99$293.39
2008-2015F-250 / F-350 / F-450 w/ bed extender8' 0"Under Rail63006SRZX$325.99$293.39
1982-1992Ranger  6' 0"Under Rail83102SRX$325.99$293.39
1993-1996Ranger  6' 0"Over Rail73104SRX$325.99$293.39
1993-1996Ranger  6' 0"Under Rail83102SRZX$325.99$293.39
1993-2004RangerRectangular bed no cut outs for wheel wellsSplash6' 0"Under Rail83107SRX$325.99$293.39
1993-2011RangerWill NOT fit flared or step side models! 7' 0"Over Rail73103SRX$325.99$293.39
1997-2011RangerWill NOT fit flared or step side models!incl.XLT6' 0"Over Rail53106SRX$325.99$293.39
1997-2011RangerWill NOT fit flared or step side models!incl.XLT6' 0"Under Rail63104SRX$325.99$293.39
2001-2011RangerWith standard wheel wells in bedEdge/Sport6' 0"Over Rail53106SRX$325.99$293.39
2001-2011RangerWith standard wheel wells in bedEdge/Sport6' 0"Under Rail63104SRX$325.99$293.39
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Bed Config. Part #Price Sale Qty 
1996-2003Hombre  6' 0"Over Rail51104SRX$325.99$293.39
1996-2003Hombre  6' 0"Under Rail61104SRX$325.99$293.39
2006-2008i-280 / i-290  6' 0"Over Rail51106SRX$325.99$293.39
2006-2008i-280 / i-290  6' 0"Under Rail61106SRX$325.99$293.39
2006-2008i-350 CrewCab5' 0"Over Rail51107SRX$325.99$293.39
2006-2008i-350 CrewCab5' 0"Under Rail61107SRX$325.99$293.39
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Bed Config. Part #Price Sale Qty 
2006-2007Raider ClubCab6' 6"Under Rail62106SRZX$325.99$293.39
2006-2007Raider QuadCab5' 6"Under Rail62107SRZX$325.99$293.39
2008-2009Raider ClubCab w/o spoiler6' 6"Under Rail62108SRX$325.99$293.39
2008-2009Raider QuadCab w/o spoiler5' 6"Under Rail62110SRX$325.99$293.39
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Bed Config. Part #Price Sale Qty 
1994-1997B-Series  6' 0"Over Rail73104SRX$325.99$293.39
1994-1997B-Series  6' 0"Under Rail83102SRZX$325.99$293.39
1994-1997B-Series  7' 0"Over Rail73103SRX$325.99$293.39
1997B-Series w/ tie downs6' 0"Over Rail53106SRX$325.99$293.39
1997B-Series w/ tie downs6' 0"Under Rail63104SRX$325.99$293.39
1998-2010B-Series  6' 0"Under Rail63104SRX$325.99$293.39
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Bed Config. Part #Price Sale Qty 
2001-2004Frontier KingCab6' 0"Over Rail77101SRZX$325.99$293.39
2001-2004Frontier KingCab6' 0"Under Rail87101SRZX$325.99$293.39
2005-2015Frontier CrewCab5' 0"Under Rail87106SRX$325.99$293.39
2005-2015Frontier KingCab6' 0"Under Rail87105SRX$325.99$293.39
1986-1997Hardbody  6' 0"Over Rail77102SRX$325.99$293.39
2004-2015Titan CrewCab5' 6"Under Rail87002SRX$325.99$293.39
2004-2015Titan KingCab6' 6"Under Rail87001SRX$325.99$293.39
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Bed Config. Part #Price Sale Qty 
1986-1993Hardbody KingCab6' 0"Over Rail77101SRX$325.99$293.39
YearModelDescriptionSpecifics Bed Config. Part #Price Sale Qty 
1989-1995Hilux  6' 0"Over Rail78104SRX$325.99$293.39
1995-2004Tacoma  6' 0"Over Rail78105SRX$325.99$293.39
1995-2004Tacoma  6' 0"Under Rail88105SRX$325.99$293.39
2001-2004Tacoma DblCab5' 0"Under Rail88106SRX$325.99$293.39
2001-2006Tundra AccessCab6' 2"Under Rail68004SRZX$325.99$293.39
2001-2006Tundra  8' 0"Over Rail78003SRZX$325.99$293.39
2001-2006Tundra  8' 0"Under Rail88003SRZX$325.99$293.39
2004-2006Tundra DblCab6' 0"Under Rail68006SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2015Tundra w/ cargo mgt.5' 6"Under Rail68010SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2015Tundra w/ cargo mgt.6' 6"Under Rail68008SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2015Tundra w/ cargo mgt.8' 0"Under Rail80008SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2015Tundra w/o cargo mgt.5' 6"Under Rail68009SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2015Tundra w/o cargo mgt.6' 6"Under Rail68007SRX$325.99$293.39
2007-2015Tundra w/o cargo mgt.8' 0"Under Rail80007SRX$325.99$293.39
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