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Lightforce Miscellaneous Replacement Bulbs

Product Code: K6LTF204.7
Lightforce Miscellaneous Replacement Bulbs

Lightforce Miscellaneous Replacement Bulbs


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Miscellaneous Replacement Bulbs

Replacement Bulbs

Bulbs used in Lightforce lights have been carefully selected to assure maximum performance and durability. This is done by measuring and qualifying the efficiency in converting 'Watts' into 'Candlepower'. This, combined with the superior Lightforce reflector, is what creates the light output that has made Lightforce famous.

The bulb filament size and shape combined with the reflector design determine the concentration of a focused beam. The shape of the filament will determine the type of beam: A Verticle Filament (VF) will give a circular spot beam, whilst the Horizontal Filament (HF) will give a slightly oval spot.

Lightforce has bulbs available including 12 Volts; 30 Watts, 50 Watts, 75 Watts and 100 Watts. We also offer 24 Volt bulbs in 50 Watts and 100 Watts for special applications.




DescriptionPart #Price Qty 
64623 bulb, 12 volts/100 watts, HF, Long LifeGL02$20.00
HLX64610 bulb, 12 volts/50 watts, HF, Long LifeGL03$20.00
64450 bulb, 12 volts/75 watts, HF, Long LifeGL05$20.00
62138 bulb, 12 volts/100 watts, VF, Long LifeGL06$20.00
62137 bulb, 12 volts/75 watts, VF, Long LifeGL07$20.00
644445 bulb, 24 volts/50 watts, VF, Long LifeGL12$25.00
GE 6-EM67 bulb, 24 volts/100 watts, VF, Long LifeGL13$20.00
64261 bulb, 12 volts/30 watts, HF, Long LifeGL14$35.00
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