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DiabloSport Trinity T1000 Programmer / Monitor

Product Code: E8DIS877.83
DiabloSport Trinity T-1000 Programmer - Home Screen

Home Screen

DiabloSport Trinity T-1000 Programmer - Home Screen DiabloSport Trinity T-1000 Programmer - Rear View DiabloSport Trinity T-1000 Programmer - Drag Racing Mode DiabloSport Trinity T-1000 Programmer - Digital Gauges DiabloSport Trinity T-1000 Programmer - Racing Menu DiabloSport Trinity T-1000 Programmer - Integrated Scan Tool
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Free hat and Mounting Pod with Trinity

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What is the DiabloSport Trinity T1000?

The DiabloSport Trinity is the most advanced tuning device on the market today. With the capability to tune, log and record data, display and customize virtual gauges, read and clear trouble codes (dtc's) and even compute multiple track times, the DiabloSport Trinity T1000 is the answer to all of your EFI tuning needs. The Trinity also has the capability to communicate with and control external devices such as the DiabloSport Extreme Power Puck, DiabloSport EGT Module and other 3rd party devices.

Trinity's Performance Programmer Features:

The DiabloSport Trinity T1000 contains multiple pre-loaded tunes for your vehicle, including Cold Air Intake tunes. The Trinity also supports Custom Tuning with the ability to add up to 5 Additional Custom Tunes!!

The Diablo Trinity's tuning options vary depending on the vehicle that is being tuned. Gasoline powered vehicles feature tunes based on minimum octane ratings while diesels are based on horsepower ratings.

Diablosport Trinity T1000 Diesel Tuning

Diesel trucks have massive horsepower and torque potential that can be unlocked just by programming the vehicle's PCM or Powertrain Control Module. Your application may have tunes for any of the following, plus more!

Towing: This setting is generally a of 40-60 HP and an average of 100 Ft/Lbs of torque (depending on application) and is for use when towing heavy loads near the vehicle's factory towing capacity. This setting is designed to increase drivability while towing, net extra economy when cruising at highway speeds, and is helpful when driving through mountains while towing.

Economy: Adds between 60-100 HP and 180-200 Ft/Lbs of Torque, economy gains average in the 2-3 MPG range (Highway)! This setting is not designed for heavy towing - limits are in the range of 6,000-8,000 pounds depending on your vehicle's stock towing capacity. DiabloSport highly recommends the use of an aftermarket cold air intake and exhaust (4 inch diameter at the down pipe).

Extreme: This tune adds anywhere from 100-185 horsepower and 220+ Ft/Lbs of torque and is specifically for peeling out down the strip! DiabloSport recommends only using the extreme tuning options if you have exhaust and cold air intake modifications due to a possible increase in EGT.

Custom Tuning: Custom tuning is available to be added to the DiabloSport Trinity on some model trucks. See the DiabloSport website for a CRM dealer near you for custom tuning. At this time, custom tunes can be downloaded to the Trinity for the following diesel truck models:

  • 1999-2003 7.3L F-250 thru F-750
  • 1999-2003 7.3L E-250 thru E-450
  • 1999-2003 7.3L Excursion
  • 1999-2003 7.3L Club Wagon
  • 2003-2007 6.0L F-250 thru F-450
  • 2003-2007 6.0L E-250 thru E-450
  • 2003-2007 6.0L Excursion

Diablosport Trinity T1000 Gas Truck, SUV, Performance Auto Tuning

DiabloSport performance tuning with 93 octane can yield anywhere between 15-40 horsepower (measured at the wheels) and about the same in ft/lbs of torque (Some applications gain more or less, depending on engine size and platform). If you have a gasoline powered vehicle make sure that you are using the minimum octane fuel for the tune you selected. For instance if you are using the 93 Octane Performance Tune, you must run 93 octane in order to avoid spark knock or engine damage. Some areas of the US and abroad may not have access to different octane rated fuels, but if you happen to be somewhere where 93 octane is not available, have no fear - the Diablo Trinity allows users to modify their spark and fuel tables so you can run lower octane.

Diablosport Trinity T1000 Jeep Wrangler Tuning

  • Max Gains of +15-20 HP, +25-30 TQ
  • Removes Throttle Lag
  • On-The-Fly Idle Adjustment
  • Electronic Fan Adjustment
  • High Idle / Winch Mode
  • WOT Fuel / Spark Adjustment
  • Crawl Tune
  • Recalibrate Speedometer for Larger Tire Sizes
  • Low Tire Pressure Threshold Adjustment
  • Engage / Lock Differential in 4x4 HI Mode
  • Adjust Shift Points
  • Adjust Rev Limiter

All-New, the Diablosport Trinity T1000 now has SD Card Support

The Diablosport Trinity T1000 can now utilize SD Card technology! DiabloSport has made transferring tunes, logs and dashboards much easier through the use of a standard SD card.

You now have the ability to import custom tunes, export the original back-up, export the last tune written, export vehicle logs, import or export dashboard layouts and more!

The Diablo Trinity acts as a Virtual Gauge Monitor:

The DiabloSport Trinity T1000 is one of the most advanced diagnostic tuning devices on the market today. With over 100MB of on board memory devoted solely to recording and playing back diagnostic PID/DMR data, it allows users to record hours and hours of continuous data streams directly from the vehicle's PCM/ECM.

The Diablo Trinity interprets PID and DMR data received from the OBD-II Diagnostic port on your vehicle and converts it into a readable format: A virtual gauge! Individual user customization is one of Diablo Trinity's most recognizable features.

With the Diablosport Trinity's dynamic gauge layout there are an incredible number of combinations/customization options, including the ability to scale gauges!

View the Trinity's list of available PID's here.

The Diablosport Trinity T1000 Virtual Drag Tree

We just discussed the Diablo Trinity's virtual gauge system and how your vehicle's sensors can be displayed on the screen in real time; but did you know that there is information coming from your vehicle that can allow the Trinity to approximate all kinds of interesting read outs? One of the most intriguing is the Virtual Drag Tree! Using parameters such as vehicle speed, peak torque, wheel speed and others, the Diablo Trinity is able to give you an estimated quarter mile, eighth mile or time trial. Keep in mind that these numbers may or may not be accurate depending on variables, but they sure are fun to see!

The DiabloSport Trinity's virtual tree allows users to choose to either monitor their reaction time (like the real world) or have the tree start when they press the gas from a stop. There are advantages to both! If you are using reaction time, you'll gain experience for the track when launching off the line while the motion start will show you the time less human error. It's your choice as to which you prefer!

Diagnostic Code Reader

The Diablo Trinity can also be used as a diagnostic code reader. Save yourself hundreds of dollars each year reading/clearing your own computer codes rather than paying a dealer to do the same. Its as easy as a few simple steps.

Control Your Analog Devices from the Trinity T1000

The Diablosport Trinity can also be used to support other DiabloSport products such as the DiabloSport Extreme PowerPuck and/or other third party analog devices such as wideband and EGT. The Trinity has the capability to support two additional analog products at any time.

Mounting Options

A windshield suction cup mount comes standard with the Trinity - This mount features an adjustable arm for precise placement within your field of vision. It also features a clip-lock to avoid any movement.

The optional Trinity Gauge Pod Mount is a universal mount specifically designed to fit any 21/16" gauge pod. The Gauge Pod Mount locks into the back of the Diablosport Trinity and allows for a full 360° adjustment.




YearModelDescription Engine HP / TQ Gains Part #Price Qty 
2013-2015ATS 2.0L Turbo+50 HP / +60 TQ T1000$599.00
2013-2015ATS 3.6L+20 HP / +20 TQ T1000$599.00
2014-2015CTS 2.0L Turbo+50 HP / +60 TQ T1000$599.00
2012-2015CTS 3.6L+12 HP / +30 TQ T1000$599.00
2004-2005CTS-V 5.7L LS6+15 HP / +20 TQ T1000$599.00
2009-2015CTS-V 6.2L LSA Supercharged+20 HP / +20 TQ T1000$599.00
1999-2006Escalade 6.0L+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2007-2015Escalade 6.2L+20 HP / +30 TQ T1000$599.00
YearModelDescription Engine HP / TQ Gains Part #Price Qty 
2011-2014200 3.6L V6+15 HP / +20 TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2010300 3.5L V6+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2014300 3.6L V6+15 HP / +15 TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2014300CRT5.7L HEMI+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2010300CSRT-86.1L HEMI+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2014300CSRT-86.4L HEMI+10-15 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2003-2006PT Cruiser GT 2.4L Turbo+30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
YearModelDescription Engine HP / TQ Gains Part #Price Qty 
1999-2013Avalanche 4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
1999-2002Camaro 5.7L+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2010-2015Camaro SS 6.2L LS3/L99+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2012-2015Camaro ZL1 6.2L Supercharged+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2013-2015Camaro Z28 6.2L+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2008-2011Colorado / Canyon 2.9L+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2008-2013Colorado / Canyon 3.7L / 5.3L+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2015Colorado / Canyon 3.6L V6+10-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
1999-2013CorvetteLS1 / LS2
LS3 / LS6/ LS7
5.7L / 6.0L / 6.2L+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
1999-2013Corvette Z06C6 / Z065.7L / 7.0L+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2008-2015Corvette 6.2L+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2015Cruze 1.4L Turbo+33 HP / +45 TQ T1000$599.00
2006-2009Impala 5.3L LS4+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2006-2009Monte Carlo 5.3L LS4+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2012-2015Sonic 1.4L Turbo+33 HP / +45 TQ T1000$599.00
1999-2013Sierra / Silverado 4.8L+15-30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
1999-2015Sierra / Silverado 5.3L+15-30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
1999-2013Sierra / Silverado 6.0L+15-30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2009-2015Sierra / Silverado 6.2L+15-30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
1999-2007Sierra / Silverado 8.1L+15-30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2001-2010Sierra / Silverado2500 / 3500 / 45006.6L Duramax
+40-65-85-120 HP T1000$599.00
1999-2015Tahoe / Suburban / Yukon / Yukon XLincl. Denali
incl. Denali XL
4.8L / 5.3L / 6.0L / 6.2L+15-30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2006-2009Trailblazer SS 6.0L+15-25 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
YearModelDescription Engine HP / TQ Gains Part #Price Qty 
2008-2010Avenger 2.7L / 3.5L+15 HP / +20 TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2014Avenger 3.6L V6+15 HP / +20 TQ T1000$599.00
2008-2009CaliberSRT42.4L Turbo+40 HP / +65 TQ T1000$599.00
2009-2010Challenger 3.5L V6+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2014Challenger 3.6L V6+15 HP / +15 TQ T1000$599.00
2009-2014ChallengerRT5.7L HEMI+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2008-2010ChallengerSRT-86.1L HEMI+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2014ChallengerSRT-86.4L HEMI+10-15 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2006-2010Charger 3.5L V6+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2014Charger 3.6L V6+15 HP / +15 TQ T1000$599.00
2006-2014ChargerRT5.7L HEMI+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2006-2010ChargerSRT-86.1L HEMI+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2014ChargerSRT-86.4L HEMI+10-15 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2008-2011Dakota 4.7L+15 HP / +20 TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2014Durango 3.6L V6+15 HP / +15 TQ T1000$599.00
2008-2009Durango 4.7L+15 HP / +20 TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2014Durango 5.7L HEMI+30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2003-2005NeonSRT2.4L Turbo+30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2008MagnumRT / SRT-85.7L/6.1L HEMI+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2008Magnum 3.5L+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2010Ram1500 / 25004.7L+25HP / +30 TQ T1000$599.00
2003-2013Ram15005.7L HEMI+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2013Ram25005.7L HEMI+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2014Ram1500 / 25005.7L HEMI+15 HP / +15 TQ T1000$599.00
2014Ram1500 / 2500 / 35006.4L HEMI+20 HP / +25 TQ T1000$599.00
2003-2007Ram2500 / 3500 / 45005.9L Cummins+60-100-160-180 HP T1000$599.00
2008-2009Grand Cherokee 4.7L+15 HP / +20 TQ T1000$599.00
YearModelDescription Engine HP / TQ Gains Part #Price Qty 
2005-2011Crown Victoria 4.6L V8+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2006-2010Explorer 4.0L V6+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2010Explorer 4.6L V8+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2013-2015Explorer Sport EcoBoost 3.5L Turbo+70-70 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2003-2005Excursion 6.0L PowerStroke+40-65-100 HP T1000$599.00
2003-2007E-Series Super DutyE-250 / E-350 / E-4506.0L PowerStroke+40-65-100 HP T1000$599.00
2012-2015Flex 3.5L Turbo+70-70 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2006-2008F-150 4.2L+10 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2004-2010F-150 4.6L+10 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2004-2010F-150 5.4L+20 HP / +42 TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2014F-150 EcoBoost 3.5LWOW!90 - 905 pre-loaded tunesT1000$599.00
2011-2014F-150 5.0L20+HP / 18+TQ T1000$599.00
2010-2014F-150 Raptor 6.2L+26 HP / +20 TQ T1000$599.00
2003-2007F-Series Super DutyF-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-5506.0L PowerStroke+40-65-100 HP T1000$599.00
2008-2010F-Series Super DutyF-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-5506.4L PowerStroke+Tow-50-80-160 HP T1000$599.00
2005-2014Mustang V6 3.7L / 3.8L
3.9L / 4.0L
+20 HP
(Shelby +40 HP)
30 ft.lbs.TQ
2008-2009Mustang Bullit 4.6L+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2010Mustang GT 4.6L+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2015Mustang GT 5.0L V8+15 HP / +30 TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2013Mustang Boss 302 Coyote 5.0L V8+22 RWHP / 48 ft lbs TQ T1000$599.00
2007-2014Mustang GT500 5.8L / 5.4L+35 RWHP / 40 ft lbs TQ T1000$599.00
2012-2015Taurus SHO 3.5L Turbo+70-70 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2007-2012Ranger 2.3L/3.0L/4.0L+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
YearModelDescription Engine HP / TQ Gains Part #Price Qty 
2003-2009H2 6.2L+20-30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2008-2010H3 3.7L / 5.3L+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
YearModelDescription Engine HP / TQ Gains Part #Price Qty 
2006-2010Commander XK 5.7L HEMI+30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2010Grand Cherokee WK 5.7L HEMI+30 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2006-2010Grand Cherokee WKSRT-86.1L HEMI+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2011-2014Grand Cherokee WK2 3.6L V6+15 HP / +15 TQ T1000$599.00
2012-2014Grand Cherokee WK2SRT-86.4L HEMI+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2006Wrangler TJ 4.0L+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2007-2012Wrangler JK 3.8L+20 HP / +25 TQ T1000$599.00
2013-2015Wrangler JK 3.6L+20 HP / +25 TQ T1000$599.00
YearModelDescription Engine HP / TQ Gains Part #Price Qty 
2012MKS 3.5L Turbo+70-70 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2005-2011Town Car 4.6L+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
YearModelDescription Engine HP / TQ Gains Part #Price Qty 
2005-2011Grand Marquis 4.6L+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
YearModelDescription Engine HP / TQ Gains Part #Price Qty 
2007-2012B-Series 2.3L/3.0L/4.0L+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
YearModelDescription Engine HP / TQ Gains Part #Price Qty 
2008-2009G8GT / GXP6.0L / 6.2L+20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2006-2009Grand PrixGXP5.3L LS4+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
2004-2006GTO 6.0L LS2+15-20 HP/TQ T1000$599.00
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