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Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flares

Product Code: R4BUS50.1
2014 Chevy Silverado 1500

2014 Chevy Silverado 1500

2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 2011-2013 Ford Super Duty 2009-2013 Dodge Ram 1500 2004-2012 Nissan Titan 2012-2013 Toyota Tacoma
2011-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2


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Price:    $229.99 - $549.99
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Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender FlaresBushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flares give you the bold look of pockets without drilling or cutting into your vehicle! This exclusive line of flares installs using the existing factory vehicle holes and gives the look of being bolted onto the side of the vehicle. Decorative stainless steel hardware adds to the tough aggressive look of this hot new flare lineup.

  • No vehicle body side drilling or cutting - installs using the existing factory holes (Jeep Wrangler JK models require minimal body-side drilling)
  • 100% UV protection. No chalking, No cracking, No warping
  • Comes complete with decorative stainless steel hardware for a "bolt-on" look without touching the vehicle's surface
  • Adds additional tire coverage
  • OEM matte black finish, or easily custom painted to match or accent any vehicle



YearModelDescriptionVehicle Specs Packaging Tire
Part #Price Qty 
2007-2013Avalanche  Set of 42.25"40932-02$549.99
1992-1994Blazer  Set of 42.25"40919-02$499.99
1988-1998C/KWill NOT fit Sportside models Set of 42.25"40919-02$499.99
1999-2000C/K 2500/3500Set of 42.25"40919-02$499.99
1992-1994Jimmy  Set of 42.25"40919-02$499.99
1988-1998SierraWill NOT fit Sportside models Set of 42.25"40919-02$499.99
1999-2000Sierra 2500/3500Set of 42.25"40919-02$499.99
1999-2006SierraIncludes 2007 Classic Body Style models Set of 42.00"40917-02$499.99
2014-2015Sierra 1500 All Bed LengthsSet of 41.75" Frt
2.00" Rear
2014-2015Sierra 1500 All Bed LengthsFront Pair1.75"40121-02$259.99
2014-2015Sierra 1500 All Bed LengthsRear Pair2.00"40122-02$259.99
1999-2002Silverado  Set of 42.00"40917-02$499.99
2003-2006SilveradoIncludes 2007 Classic Body Style models Front Pair2.00"40059-02$229.99
2003-2006SilveradoIncludes 2007 Classic Body Style models Set of 42.00"40918-02$499.99
2007-2013Silverado 1500Crew Cab5.8' bedSet of 42.00"40942-02$499.99
2007-2013Silverado 1500 / 2500 / 3500 6.5' / 8.0' bedSet of 42.00"40924-02$499.99
2014-2015Silverado 1500Crew Cab5.8' bedSet of 42.00" Frt
1.75" Rear
2014-2015Silverado 1500 6.5' / 8.0' bedSet of 42.00" Frt
1.75" Rear
2015Silverado 2500 / 3500 6.5' / 8.0' bedSet of 42.00" Frt
1.75" Rear
1992-1999Suburban  Set of 42.25"40919-02$499.99
1995-1997Tahoe 2drSet of 42.25"40919-02$499.99
2007-2014Tahoe  Set of 42.25"40937-02$549.99
1995-1997Yukon 2drSet of 42.25"40919-02$499.99
YearModelDescriptionVehicle Specs Packaging Tire
Part #Price Qty 
1994-2001Ram 1500  Set of 43.00"50908-02$519.99
2002-2005Ram 1500  Front Pair2.25"50017-02$229.99
2002-2005Ram 1500  Rear Pair2.25"50018-02$269.99
2002-2005Ram 1500  Set of 42.50"50907-02$499.99
2006-2008Ram 1500 long bedSet of 42.50"50911-02$499.99
2006-2008Ram 1500 short bedRear Pair2.25"50018-02$269.99
2006-2008Ram 1500 short bedSet of 42.50"50907-02$499.99
2009-2015Ram 1500Will not fit R/T models Set of 42.50"50915-02$499.99
1994-2002Ram 2500 / 3500  Set of 43.00"50908-02$519.99
2003-2005Ram 2500 / 3500  Rear Pair2.25"50018-02$269.99
2003-2005Ram 2500 / 3500  Set of 42.50"50907-02$499.99
2003-2009Ram 2500 / 3500  Front Pair2.25"50017-02$229.99
2006-2009Ram 2500 / 3500 long bedSet of 42.50"50911-02$499.99
2006-2009Ram 2500 / 3500 short bedRear Pair2.25"50018-02$269.99
2006-2009Ram 2500 / 3500 short bedSet of 42.50"50907-02$499.99
2010-2015Ram 2500 / 3500Includes 3500 Dually models Set of 42.50"50919-02$499.99
YearModelDescriptionVehicle Specs Packaging Tire
Part #Price Qty 
2004-2008F-150Will not fit Flareside models Front Pair2.00"20053-02$249.99
2004-2008F-150Will not fit Flareside models Set of 42.00"20916-02$499.99
2009-2014F-150  Set of 41.50"20929-02$499.99
2009-2014F-150  Front Pair Extended Flares2.00"20071-02$269.99
2009-2014F-150  Rear Pair Extended Flares2.00"20072-02$269.99
2009-2014F-150  Set of 4 Extended Flares2.00"20927-02$549.99
2015F-150  Set of 41.50"20935-02$499.99
1999-2007F-250 / F-350  Front Pair2.00"20049-02$249.99
1999-2007F-250 / F-350  Set of 42.00"20914-02$499.99
2008-2010F-250 / F-350  Set of 42.25"20917-02$549.99
2011-2015F-250 / F-350  Front Pair2.00"20083-02$259.99
2011-2015F-250 / F-350  Rear Pair2.00"20084-02$299.99
2011-2015F-250 / F-350  Set of 42.00"20931-02$549.99
1999-2007F-450  Front Pair2.00"20049-02$249.99
1999-2007F-450  Set of 42.00"20914-02$499.99
1993-2011RangerWill not fit Flareside models Set of 41.25"21915-02$499.99
YearModelDescriptionVehicle Specs Packaging Tire
Part #Price Qty 
2011-2014Grand Cherokee WK2Will NOT fit SRT-8 Models Set of 40.5010927-02$499.99
2011-2014Grand Cherokee WK2Will NOT fit SRT-8 Models Front Pair0.5010075-02$249.99
2011-2014Grand Cherokee WK2Will NOT fit SRT-8 Models Rear Pair0.5010076.02$249.99
1997-2006Wrangler TJ 2/4 dr  Set of 46.00"10908-07$499.99
1997-2006Wrangler TJ 2/4 dr  Set of 44.75"10917-07$499.99
2007-2015Wrangler JK 2dr  Front Pair2.00"10045-02$449.99
2007-2015Wrangler JK 2dr  Rear Pair2.00"10046-02$319.99
2007-2015Wrangler JK 4 dr  Front Pair2.00"10045-02$449.99
2007-2015Wrangler JK 4 dr  Rear Pair2.00"10044-02$319.99
YearModelDescriptionVehicle Specs Packaging Tire
Part #Price Qty 
2004-2015TitanWith driver side bedside lockbox Set of 42.00"70907-02$499.99
2004-2015TitanWithOut driver side bedside lockbox Set of 42.00"70908-02$499.99
YearModelDescriptionVehicle Specs Packaging Tire
Part #Price Qty 
2007-2014FJ Cruiser  Set of 42.00"31922-02$499.99
2005-2011TacomaIncl. PreRunner models5' BedSet of 41.75"31925-02$499.99
2005-2011TacomaIncl. PreRunner models6' BedSet of 41.75"31920-02$499.99
2012-2015TacomaIncl. PreRunner models5' BedSet of 42.00"31928-02$499.99
2012-2015TacomaIncl. PreRunner models6' BedSet of 42.00"31927-02$499.99
2007-2013TundraWithOut factory mud flaps Set of 42.00"30911-02$499.99
2014-2015Tundra  Set of 41.75"30918-02$499.99
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