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Bully Dog Big Rig Heavy Duty WatchDog

Product Code: Z2BBR947.24
Bully Dog Big Rig Heavy Duty WatchDog

Bully Dog Big Rig Heavy Duty WatchDog

Bully Dog Big Rig Heavy Duty WatchDog Bully Dog Big Rig WatchDog HD on RAM Mount Bully Dog WatchDog HD - As Sold Bully Dog Big Rig WatchDog HD Mounted


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Bully Dog Big Rig WatchDog HD Monitor / Digital Gauge Pack

The Heavy Duty Watchdog from Bully Dog's Big Rig division is the latest innovation to save owner operators and fleet managers/owners money on fuel, improve driving habits, promote safer driving and reduce vehicle wear on their big rig trucks. And it's not just for over-the-road trucks either...the Watchdog HD will work on Caterpillar, Cummins & Detroit Big Rigs, as well as some Cummins & Caterpillar medium-duty trucks. The Heavy Duty WatchDog can also be password protected for fleet operations, can be moved from vehicle to vehicle and works with virtually any truck with a 6-pin or 9-pin data port.

What Is The Bully Dog WatchDog HD?

The Watchdog HD is a digital gauge pack that allows the big rig driver to view key engine functions such as Throttle %, Oil Temp, Coolant Temp, Engine Load, and much more. You will also be able to set automated safety warnings to prevent unsafe engine temps & levels from damaging your rig. The Heavy Duty WD also has Driving Coach software that can help you save huge amounts of money by instantly displaying fuel economy, trip economy and more. The Heavy Duty Watchdog also allows you to Read & Erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Adjust the Speed Limiter on your big rig truck, so that you can remain within the law and avoid fines and other fees. All viewable functions can be set to U.S. Units or Metric Units for Canadian trucking. Backed by Bully Dog 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

The Heavy Duty WatchDog Acts as a Set of Digital Gauges

With the Bully Dog WatchDog HD, you'll be able to view (4) four vehicle parameters at one time. You will also be able to pre-determine and set up your own safety parameters for unsafe vehicle temps and/or fluid levels. If your diesel tractor comes within those parameters, a visual and audible warning will be given by the WatchDog. This makes the WatchDog HD an extremely valuable safety tool.

Parameters Viewable & Recordable with the Bully Dog WatchDog HD

  • Pyro 1 (exhaust gas temp in F or C)
  • Pyro 2 (exhaust gas temp in F or C)
  • Speed (MPH or KPH)
  • Boost (PSI or KPA)
  • RPM
  • Coolant (temp in F or C)
  • Throttle Position (0% to 100%)
  • Intake (temperature in F or C)
  • Oil Temp (temperature in F or C)
  • Oil Pressure (PSI or KPA)
  • Trans Temp (temperature in F or C)
  • Battery (instant output in volts)
  • Fuel Pressure (PSI or KPA)
  • Load (0% to 100%)
  • Timing (in degrees)
  • MAF (mass air flow in grams/sec)
  • Instant Fuel Economy (Miles/gal. or Liters/100 kilometers)
  • Average Fuel Economy (Miles/gal. or Liters/100 kilometers)
  • Trip Distance (Miles or Kilometers)
  • Trip Fuel (Gallons/ hour or Liters/ hour)
  • Fuel Flow (gallons/hour or Liters/hour)
  • Fuel Level %

A very important thing to understand is that not all of these parameters are broadcast by every vehicle, so the WatchDog will not be able to pick up all of the parameters on every vehicle. Another important thing to note is that newer vehicles will, in general, broadcast more of this information than earlier model vehicles. If you are looking for expanded sensor integration for your WatchDog HD the Bully Dog Sensor Docking Station can be purchased separately and will allow you to add up to 6 additional sensors that you will be able to view the parameters for on the display screen.

Driving Coach Software Included

The Driving Coach is software unique to Bully Dog gauge packs that can save the big rig truck owner or fleet operator an amazing amount of fuel and comes standard on the WatchDog HD. The Driving Coach is a fuel economy optimizer that allows the big rig driver to view key fuel economy factors, such as Instant Fuel Economy, Trip Fuel Economy, Driving Efficiency, Trip Fuel and more.

Key Driving Coach Software Features:

  • Display instant fuel economy
  • Display trip economy info
  • Display driving efficiency
  • Visual and audible feedback
  • Export driving reports into Excel
  • Password Protection available
  • Record and analyze key parameters

The Driving Coach also allows you to record and then export all this data into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis and can be password protected. This makes the WatchDog HD an even more valuable tool for the fleet manager, as the results of an extremely efficient driver can then be imported into the WatchDog HD of another, less efficient, driver to guide and teach that driver how to be more fuel efficient and safe.

The WatchDog HD Reads & Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Now with the Heavy Duty WatchDog, you can perform vehicle diagnostics without having to pay a truck repair shop big bucks. The diesel tractor driver, owner, fleet manager or fleet mechanic can read trouble code numbers and descriptions and then be able to erase the code(s) from the engine or drivetrain computer. You'll save lots of money with this great feature.

Adjust the Speed Limiter with the WatchDog HD

The Bully Dog WatchDog HD allows the user to adjust the Speed Limiter. The owner will be able to set the big rig truck's overall top speed, as well as setting a Cruise Low (the lowest speed limit at which cruise control can be used and set) and a Cruise High (highest speed limit at which cruise control can be used and set). Save money on fines & fees and also have the peace of mind of knowing that you're not going to be over the speed limit. Fleet Managers can improve the fuel economy of their entire fleet by lowering speed limiters across the fleet.

Limiting the top speed of your over-the-road truck can dramatically reduce fuel consumption; even dropping down by 1-2mph will have a positive effect and can save you money! The Speed Limiter is set in the Special Features menu of the WatchDog HD, which also features the ability to set an Idle Timer....The Idle Timer will determine the maximum amount of time that the tractor truck is allowed to run at idle before the engine is automatically shut off. Reducing the idle time of your big rig is another way to save money on fuel. Just another great feature of the Bully Dog WatchDog HD!

Bully Dog WatchDog HD Installation

Installation of the WatchDog HD is fast & easy and requires no tools. Simply plug into the data port of your truck and follow the on-screen instructions. The typical installation takes 5-10 minutes and the WatchDog HD includes a Heavy Duty RAM Mount Suction Cup Kit, so you can mount the WatchDog HD to your big rig windshield or dash.

GearMaster Shiftometer Software

The WatchDog HD comes standard with a free trial version of GearMaster Shiftometer Software. The trial will last for 60 engine starts and 1,500 miles. The trial begins as soon as you start the transmission calibration procedure. You will have the option to fully purchase this software after the trial is completed and only requires a simple update of the WatchDog HD to install the unlimited version.

The GearMaster Shiftometer Software helps to eliminate missed gears when shifting, which will greatly reduce wear & tear on the entire drivetrain. The Gear Master is a software program with an interactive transmission gear indicator. The Gear Master is essentially a shiftometer...instead of using speedometers and tachometers, the Gear Master makes it possible to efficiently gauge proper shifting by utilizing it's software to indicate to the driver when the optimal shifting should occur. The mission of the Gear Master is to enhance driver awareness to improve shifting conditions, resulting in better efficiency and safety.

The Bully Dog WatchDog HD Bottom Line

By purchasing the Bully Dog WatchDog HD, owner operators, fleet managers and/or fleet owners can save a great amount of money on fuel, repairs, diagnostics and devaluation of their big rig trucks. The Bully Dog WatchDog HD offers a myriad of ways to improve fuel economy, as well as driver ability and efficiency, all in one small, inexpensive package. The savings will become apparent almost immediately.

Bully Dog feels so strongly about the ability of the Bully Dog WatchDog HD to add fuel economy and efficient to your diesel tractor truck that they offer a 30-day, no questions asked, Money Back Guarantee! Feel Free To Call TruckCustomizers With Any Questions You May Have @ 800-497-1780




YearModelInstall Info Part #Price Qty 
1994-2010Caterpillar 3406E / C7 / C9 / C10 / C11 / C12 / C13 / C15 / C166-pin or 9-pin
data port
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1996-2000Cummins N14 Celect6-pin or 9-pin
data port
2003-2012Cummins ISX / ISC / ISL / ISM6-pin or 9-pin
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1998-2007Detroit 60 Series DDEC IV / DDEC V6-pin or 9-pin
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2010-2012Paccar MX6-pin or 9-pin46501$799.99
2008-2013Paccar PX-86-pin or 9-pin46501$799.99
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