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Bully Dog Big Rig Detroit Exhaust Manifolds

Product Code: Z1BBR118..01
Detroit Manifold - 85300/85301 - 85300

Detroit Series 60 Exhaust Manifold - 85300/85301

Detroit Manifold - 85300/85301 Detroit Manifold - 85302


Bully Dog Big Rig 85300

Price:    $1499.99
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Bully Dog Big Rig Detroit 60 Series Exhaust Manifolds

0.3 to 0.4 MPG Fuel Economy Gain Guaranteed !!

Bully Dog Big Rig's Detroit Manifold is a great performance upgrade or replacement. These manifolds are designed to increase airflow over the factory manifold, reduce EGT's, reduce radiant temperatures, increase fuel mileage and even increase boost! In order to get better fuel mileage, your Detroit's turbo needs to be fed a steady stream of air without restriction from a cooler manifold. The ceramic coating on these Bully Dog Manifolds drop EGT's by 80-100 degrees and reduce radiant temperatures by 300 degrees! This results in a cooler airflow that increases fuel mileage.

Bully Dog Big Rig Detroit Exhaust Manifold Features:

  • Reduced turbo lag
  • Less restrictive airflow
  • Reduces radiant exhaust temperatures by 300 degrees
  • Gains of up to 30 horsepower
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Increases fuel mileage by 0.3 to 0.4 MPG
  • Ceramic coated

What Comes With the Bully Dog Big Rig Exhaust Manifold?:

Bully Dog Big Rig Detroit Manifolds come with ARP studs for the turbo. These manifolds do not come with the manifold studs or gaskets.

Why buy a Bully Dog Detroit Manifold?

  • High performance:
    Increased airflow and lower temperatures will allow not only better performance of your existing turbo, but put you in a great position for upgrading to a better turbo.

  • Customization:
    Get rid of that restrictive, rusty old manifold with a beautiful ceramic coated Bully Dog. Besides reducing temperatures, the ceramic coating looks great and is an instant eye catcher.

  • Low risk:
    Big Rigs are expensive, from fuel and repairs to upgrades. Bully Dog understands this and engineers only the best products for your rig. Guaranteed fuel mileage increases, more power, better turbo performance. All of this at less than the cost of a stock replacement.

  • Replacement:
    When your manifold bites the dust, why replace it with the sickly stock manifold? Bully Dog's Detroit Manifold comes in at a great price. The fuel savings and increased horsepower is sure to put some money back in your pocket, not something the stock manifold can do.

  • Warranty:
    Detroit Manfiolds are backed by a two year warranty.



YearModelDescriptionAdd'l Fit Info Part #Price Qty 
1995-2003Series 60 12.7L / 14.0LReplaces Stock Manifold 23532122Freightliner/Western Star85300$1499.99
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