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Bedrug Bedliner

Product Code: R4WSE5.1
Bedrug Bedliner

Bedrug Bedliner

Bedrug Bedliner Chevy Truck At Work GMC Pickup at Car Wash


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Price:    $413.25 - $441.75
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BedRug Bedliners

A 100% polypropylene (plastic) truck bed liner that looks and feels like carpet. Bedrug is more durable and versatile than any traditional drop-in or spray-on liner available on the market today. BedRug Bed liner is made in two sections; floor with tailgate, sides with bulkhead, just zipper together the two sections. Place BedRug in the bed of the truck, attach the hook tabs (with 3M Adhesive) to the loop, which is sewn onto the BedRug, remove backing from hook tabs and attach to truck. You're done!

BedRug Bedliner Features & Benefits:

  • 100% Polypropylene: Durable Work Surface - Throw in firewood, mulch, dirt or concrete. Nothing can hurt it...bleach, battery acid and oil just wash off. None of these materials will harm its durable polypropylene construction.
  • 3/4" Polypropylene Foam Floor: Custom formed to fit each truck. Soft to the touch, there's no hard surface or "ribs" to hurt your knees. The unique foam padding provides superior comfort when crawling in and out of your truck bed. Molded to the shape of each specific truck bed for a snug, custom fit. Other bedliners are hard and offer no comfort and no cargo protection. Utilize your truck for all your favorite outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, or other outdoor uses.
  • Impact Protection: Acts as a shock absorber; helps protect the factory bed from impact dings and also protects your fragile cargo.
  • Slip and Skid Resistant Polypropylene Fiber Surface: Cargo won't slide during transport. The Bedrug's fiber surface is the best anti-slip surface on the market. Traditional drop-in bedliners and spray-in style liners offer minimal assistance.
  • Designed for Exterior Use: The 3/4" foam floor is similar to foam used in lifejackets and WILL NOT ABSORB WATER. Water runs off the fiber surface, through the non-corrosive zinc alloy zipper and out the drain holes in the bed. BedRug also meets stringent OEM exterior UV resistance standards
  • Won't Scratch the Bed: Will not grind away paint, bed underneath will look like new when BedRug is removed. The Bedrug will not scratch, crack, fade, or peel like other bedliners on the market. The Bedrug will continue to look great for as long as you own the truck.
  • Works great with any Tonneau Cover : Many of our customers have paired these up with an Extang Tonneau Cover or Truxedo Tonneau Cover with great results
  • Retain your Truck's Resale Value: Easily removed at Trade-In. Does not Scratch - Truck Bed is like new at Trade-In. Maintains factory paint warranty.
  • Built In Hinge: Helps prevent debris from collecting in the opening between the tailgate and the bed.
  • Fast & Easy Install: No power tools or bed alterations needed. BedRug products install with 3M Dual Lock Hook and Loop Fastener System. Install time typically 30 minutes.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: BedRug products are warranted for the duration of the vehicle ownership by the original BedRug purchaser against workmanship and defects.


  • Q: What's the difference between a hard bedliner and the BedRug liner? Don't they both protect the truck bed?
    A: Under use, hard bedliners vibrate against the paint they're supposed to protect, actually scuffing it and ruining the paint's shiny, rich finish. The BedRug liner, however, is backed by a non-abrasive foam, which will not abrade the paint. Your truck bed will always look as good as the day you bought it! The BedRug liner is designed to protect your valuable cargo, like sports equipment and camping gear, too - not just your truck.

  • Q: Why should I buy a BedRug lifestyle liner when I can buy a hard or spray-on liner cheaper?
    A: Bedrug's advantage is value. Not only do you get the advantages of exceptional cargo protection, a non-slip surface, and BedRug's best-in-class truck bed paint protection, but the BedRug also looks high end. The real proof is when you kneel on it - try that with any hard or spray-on liner!

  • Q: Aren't spray-on liners becoming more popular? I've heard they're pretty inexpensive.
    A: While spray-on liners have become more popular, they have some serious issues that liner buyers should understand. First, to apply the spray-on liner, the truck bed's paint must be scuffed or removed prior to application, which can void the truck's paint warranty. Since they must be applied by a professional, the quality of the spray-on liner depends on the person applying it. Once applied, the spray-on liner cannot be removed. Spray-ins also can be very susceptible to wear and weathering, which can cause them to look hazy or appear used after only a short time. Moreover, they do nothing to protect cargo.

  • Q: How do I clean my BedRug?
    A: Cleaning your BedRug is easy; A vacuum, broom, brush or compressed air can be used to remove dirt, grime, sand, mulch etc. Due to the fact that water will not harm the BedRug, pressure washing is also an effective way to clean a soiled BedRug.
BedRug vs. Spray-In Liners
Reusable - truck to truck (same bed) Yes No
Removable at trade in Yes No
Like new after removal Yes Cannot be removed
Chipping or Cracking No Possible
Alternation of factory bed paint prior to install No Yes
Install Time 30 Minutes 2-4 Hours
Fade Resistant Yes Some
Impact protection of truck bed floor Substantial Minimal
Cushioned, knee friendly surface Yes No
Non-Skid, Non-Slip Surface Yes Minimal
Limited Lifetime Warranty Yes Some
NIOSH Federal health alert to installers No Yes
Special Equipment or Spray Booth Install No Yes
Damage from collision Replaceable Difficult to Repair

BedRug Bed Liner Installation Video:

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YearModelDescription Part #Price Qty 
2002-2013Avalanche  BRC02AEK$413.25
2004-2012Colorado / Canyon Crew Cab 5.0' Bed  BRB04CCK$413.25
2004-2012Colorado / Canyon Reg/Ext Cab 6.0' Bed  BRB04SBK$413.25
1988-1998C/K Full-Size SB  BRC88SBK$413.25
2004-2007Silverado/Sierra 1500 Classic Crew Cab 5'8" Bed  BRC04CCK$413.25
1999-2007Silverado/Sierra Classic 6.6' Bed  BRC99SBK$413.25
1999-2007Silverado/Sierra Classic 8.0' Bed  BRC99LBK$413.25
2007-2014Silverado/Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 5'8" Bed Without Bed Mgmt SystemBRC07CCK$413.25
2007-2013Silverado/Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 5'8" Bed With Bed Mgmt SystemBRC07CCBMK$413.25
2007-2014Silverado/Sierra LD/HD 6.6' Bed Without Bed Mgmt SystemBRC07SBK$413.25
2007-2013Silverado/Sierra LD/HD 6.6' Bed With Bed Mgmt SystemBRC07SBBMK$413.25
2007-2014Silverado/Sierra LD/HD 8.0' Bed Without Bed Mgmt SystemBRC07LBK$413.25
2007-2013Silverado/Sierra LD/HD 8.0' Bed With Bed Mgmt SystemBRC07LBBMK$413.25
1994-2006S-10/S-15 6.0' Bed  BRB94SBK$413.25
YearModelDescription Part #Price Qty 
1986-2011Dakota 6.6' Bed  BRK86SBK$413.25
2000-2011Dakota Quad Cab 5.3' Bed  BRK00QCK$413.25
1995-2001Ram Full-Size SB  BRT95SBK$413.25
2002-2014Ram 6.3' Bed  BRT02SBK$413.25
2002-2014Ram 8.0' Bed  BRT02LBK$413.25
2009-2014Ram Crew Cab 5'7" Bed Without Ram BoxBRT09CCK$413.25
2009-2014Ram Crew Cab 5'7" Bed With Ram BoxBRT09BXK$413.25
YearModelDescription Part #Price Qty 
2001-2003F-150 Super Crew 5.5' BedIncludes 2004 Heritage Models BRQ01SCK$413.25
2004-2008F-150 Super Crew 5.5' Bed  BRQ04SCK$413.25
2009-2014F-150 Super Crew 5.5' Bed Without Factory Step GateBRQ04SCK$413.25
2009-2014F-150 Super Crew 5.5' Bed With Factory Step GateBRQ09SCSGK$441.75
2009-2014F-150 Super Crew 6.5' Bed Without Factory Step GateBRQ04SBK$413.25
2009-2014F-150 Super Crew 6.5' Bed With Factory Step GateBRQ09SBSGK$441.75
1997-2003F-150 6.5' bedIncludes 2004 Heritage Models BRQ97SBK$413.25
2004-2008F-150 6.5' bed  BRQ04SBK$413.25
2004-2008F-150 8.0' bed  BRQ04LBK$413.25
2009-2014F-150 6.5' bed Without Factory Step GateBRQ04SBK$413.25
2009-2014F-150 6.5' bed With Factory Step GateBRQ09SBSGK$441.75
2009-2014F-150 8.0' bed Without Factory Step GateBRQ04LBK$413.25
2009-2014F-150 8.0' bed With Factory Step GateBRQ09LBSGK$441.75
2015F-150 Super Crew 5.5' Bed With or Without Step GateBRQ15SCK$413.25
2015F-150 6.5' bed With or Without Step GateBRQ15SBK$413.25
2015F-150 8.0' bed With or Without Step GateBRQ15LBK$413.25
1997-2003F-150 FlaresideIncludes 2004 Heritage Models BRQ97FSK$413.25
1999-2014F-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-550 SuperDuty Short Bed Without Factory Step GateBRQ99SBK$413.25
1999-2014F-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-550 SuperDuty Long Bed Without Factory Step GateBRQ99LBK$413.25
2008-2014F-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-550 SuperDuty Short Bed With Factory Step GateBRQ08SBSGK$441.75
2008-2014F-250 / F-350 / F-450 / F-550 SuperDuty Long Bed With Factory Step GateBRQ08LBSGK$441.75
1993-2011Ranger SB  BRR93SBK$413.25
YearModelDescription Part #Price Qty 
2005-2014Ridgeline  BRH05RBK$413.25
YearModelDescription Part #Price Qty 
2006-2011Mark LT 5.5' Bed  BRQ04SCK$413.25
YearModelDescription Part #Price Qty 
2006-2009Raider Double Cab 5'3" Bed  BRK00QCK$413.25
2006-2009Raider Reg Cab 6'4" Bed  BRK86SBK$413.25
YearModelDescription Part #Price Qty 
1994-2011B-SeriesSame as Ford Ranger BRR93SBK$413.25
YearModelDescription Part #Price Qty 
2005-2014Frontier King Cab 6.1' Bed  BRN05KCK$413.25
2005-2014Frontier Crew Cab 4.7' Bed  BRN05CCK$413.25
2004-2014Titan King Cab 6'7" Bed  BRN04KCK$413.25
2004-2014Titan Crew Cab 5'7" Bed  BRN04CCK$413.25
YearModelDescription Part #Price Qty 
1989-2004Tacoma 74.5" Bed  BRY89SBK$413.25
2005-2014Tacoma Reg/Acess Cab 74.5" Bed  BRY13SBK$413.25
2005-2014Tacoma Double Cab 60.3" Bed  BRY13DCK$413.25
2000-2006Tundra 75" Bed  BRY00SBK$413.25
2004-2006Tundra Double Cab 74.3" Bed  BRY04DCK$413.25
2007-2014Tundra 65" Bed  BRY07SBK$413.25
2007-2014Tundra 77" Bed  BRY07RBK$413.25
2007-2014Tundra 97" Bed  BRY07LBK$413.25
* Free Shipping Excludes Alaska, Hawaii & Canada. See our shipping policy for additional information.