Bully Dog Big Rig

Bully Dog Big Rig products make it easy for you to free up some hidden horsepower and take advantage of some fuel mileage gains on your big rig. Bully Dog offers high quality tuners, turbochargers and exhaust manifolds that will get some extra power to the wheels and get some extra money in your pockets.

Bully Dog Big Rig

Bully Dog Big Rig products can help you save, not just small amounts, we're talking BIG. Bully Dog understands that Big Rigs are capable of getting better fuel mileage and more power and puts their years of engineering experience behind every product they bring to the market. Bully Dog Big Rig products will allow you to gain horsepower to help out with those large loads and save money on fuel, putting more money in your pocket at the end of the day!

Bully Dog made a huge impact on the trucking industry with the Bully Dog Power Pup big rig tuner for it's ability to save hundreds on fuel. The new HDGT Big Rig Tuner will save thousands in fuel from it's remarkable tuning. Increased power and better MPG's turns into less trouble on grades, easier load pulls and more importantly, money in your pocket! Bully Dog is so confident in their tuning that they offer a money back guarantee.

Bully Dog Big Rig Turbos and Exhaust Manifolds also help increase power and mileage even more, combined with the HDGT Big Rig Tuner the savings are unrivaled. Bully Dog Turbos and Manifolds out perform the factory components in both power and longevity, increase fuel economy and cost less than the OEM replacment parts.

Running Big Rigs from coast to coast is quite the expensive task, why not invest in your rig so it can give back to you? Bully Dog Big Rig items are shipped free from Truck Customizers!