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Superchips is located in Sanford Florida and is one of the founding companies of the performance tuning market. Now combined with Edge Products under the Powertek brand, they produce some of the most popular and reliable performance tuners on the market. Easy to install and featuring a large list of compatible vehicles, Superchips continues to dominate the industry and the track.

When it comes to performance tuning, Superchips is one of the earliest adopters dating back to 1983 when they were founded in England. With experience in tuning since before the inception of OBD-II, they were one of the first companies to utilize plug and play tuning.

Superchips has merged with rival industry leader Edge Products under the banner PowerTek and now together lead the way in performance tuning products globally. Combined, they have an extensive catalog of vehicle tuning applications that provide gains in fuel economy, horsepower and torque.

PowerTek products have built a solid reputation as being a reliable and affordable tuning product that will unlock all of your vehicle’s hidden horsepower while being easy to install without breaking the bank, whether you need some extra miles out of each tank, more towing power or want to roast the guy next to you, Superchips will get it done.