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Rigid Industries

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Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries was started by former Major League Baseball player Jason Christiansen when he realized the need for a better light while building his personal Polaris Ranger. His idea was to create square shaped super bright lights and the people around him didn’t think they would work breaking from the tradition of round lights. Now here we are in modern day where Rigid Industries is one of the premier lighting manufacturers.

Sometimes it’s good to think differently and make an approach from outside of the box, or even the industry. This was the case when retired Major League Baseball player Jason Christiansen was trying to find the best light while building his Polaris Ranger.

What he found was that a square shaped light bar with multiple LED’s could produce much brighter light while using significantly less power. At first, people were a bit reluctant to change since they were used to the traditional round lights that have been a staple for generations.

All it took was a showing at the 2008 Sand Sport Super Show for Rigid Industries lighting products to get the recognition they deserved and now today they are leading the way with some of the brightest and most reliable lighting products available.