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Pilot Automotive

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Pilot Automotive

Pilot Automotive is a subsidiary of Wang Automotive which was founded back in 1983 with the goal to design and manufacture high quality products at a value price point. Pilot Automotive was started in 1996 to provide easy to install products for the do it yourself automotive guy and has amassed quite an impressive catalog of available products over the years.

There are perhaps more do-it-yourselfers in the automotive world than any other. There’s just something cars and trucks do to us that seems to tug at us from the inside out that just makes you feel whole once you start turning a wrench.

Vehicles nowadays are known for being incredibly expensive to fix when broken and filled to the brim with confusing high tech parts that can leave your head spinning. Pilot Automotive designs products intended to give you that old fashioned feeling of accomplishment at a value price.

Pilot Automotive is for the do-it-yourselfer offering a full catalog of easy to install high quality products that won’t break the bank or leave you lost in pages of confusing instructions. Since 1996 they’ve been helping the average Joe upgrade and personalize their vehicles.