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PIAA was started way back in 1963 and has been providing world class lighting products ever since. Their quality products built quite the reputation both on the streets and on the track. Their R&D department is constantly upping the ante for the industry while the competition struggles to keep up.

In the early 1960’s driving at night or in bad weather could be somewhat dangerous as the vehicles of the time didn’t have much available for lighting. What was on the market was old technology that didn’t really cut it.

In 1963 PIAA opened their doors for business as a modest company that manufactured performance lighting products to increase safety on the road, off the road and even on the race track. Constantly innovating the lighting industry, their research and commitment to safety and quality products has secured them a spot as a global powerhouse.

Today, PIAA produces a large catalog of performance lighting products designed for all types of weather and even the darkest of conditions. You can rely on PIAA and their long history of outstanding performance to safely light the way for you and your family.