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Mag Hytec is the premier manufacturer of transmission pans and differential covers. If you’re pulling a heavy load, Mag Hytec pans and covers offer increased fluid capacity, specially designed cooling fins for airflow, a magnetic drain plug to catch debris from wear and stainless steel hardware. Backed by a lifetime warranty, these heavy duty pans and covers are some of the best money can buy.

When you frequently haul heavy loads for long distances your transmission and your differential have to work a bit harder than usual. Now sure, your truck is designed for towing and as long as you’re within the towing capacity everything should be alright, according to the manufacturer. The fluid capacities on the stock covers and pans are designed to be cost effective and simply to get the job done, meaning that over time you may experience wear.

Mag Hytec covers and pans are designed with the hauler in mind and will provide superior operation and reliability over the factory equipment. Their products are built from only the highest quality materials from their Van Nuys California facility.

Mag Hytec has a reputation for durability and reliability and they even feature a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. Their increased fluid capacities, air fins for cooling and superior construction have earned them a place as one of the top aftermarket manufacturers of covers and pans.