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Based in Marthasville Missouri, FASS products ensure the delivery of clean, pure diesel to the engine resulting in better performance, higher fuel economy and longer injector life. Their products provide more benefits than competitors products resulting in better performance and reliability from your diesel truck.

Diesel trucks are workhorses that are expected to basically run forever without fail, but of course over time things to break. One of the main causes of breakdown is dirty fuel or water in the fuel. Contaminants reduce the quality of the fuel burn and can cause injector failure, which costs some serious money.

FASS products filter the fuel down to 3 microns extending injector and engine life drastically. Capable of removing water and other detrimental contaminants, FASS, or fuel air separation systems, will decrease emissions, increase horsepower and provide better fuel economy.

Installing FASS products won’t make your diesel truck run forever, but it will definitely make it run a lot longer than it would with the stock equipment.