Wind Deflectors

Wind Deflectors have two main benefits. The first of which is the improved aerodynamics of your vehicle and the second is the ability to have your windows open to let fresh air in when it's raining outside. Wind Deflectors also look great installed on any vehicle. These are easy to install and come in two types: Tape on and In-Channel.

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Wind Deflectors

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors go by many names but no matter what you call them they all do the same thing. Truck Customizers offers a comprehensive list of Window Rain Guards to fit countless Truck, Jeep, SUV and automobile applications, all meant to keep you protected from the elements year round while enjoying a steady flow of fresh air.

Window Vent Guards serve many purposes, one of which is to reduce uncomfortable road noise while driving with the windows open. Ever ride down the highway and crack a window for fresh air? Everybody has experienced the ear-popping turbulence while cracking a window on the highway. Window Deflectors change the aerodynamic profile around your windows to reduce or eliminate that pounding noise at high speeds.

Wind deflectors are also sometimes referred to as Rain Deflectors or Rain Guards, and for good reason. Since a deflector covers the top portion of your window channel you can actually leave your window open during inclimate weather such as rain or snow. Since the deflector slightly changes the profile of the window rain and snow hit the Window Visors and get pushed back along the deflector depositing the water towards the back of the window, leaving you high and dry while breathing in fresh air.

Window visors come in two types: Tape on and In-Channel. Tape on wind deflectors install using an industrial adhesive tape while in-channel deflectors install directly inside of the window channel for a secure press fit.