Underseat Storage

When it comes to Underseat Storage, TruckCustomizers can help keep your valuables in place and safe. We offer many storage solutions whether it be for tools, guns or valuables. Are you an avid hunter or contractor? Try Du-Ha's Underseat Storage, which doubles as a gun rack! No matter the need, we have a storage solution for you and your vehicle.

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Underseat Storage

There are entire Security Storage Vaults from Smittybilt that allow you to securely lock up to 350 lbs of gear in your TJ or JK. Maybe you don't carry that much stuff around when you're cruising in your Jeep with the top down but you're worried about your valuables when you park to jump in the ocean? An underseat Lock Box sounds perfect for you. It's a great place to keep your wallet, registration and insurance cards or even your pistol.

We have many options for your Underseat Storage needs, whether it's just keep your stuff from flying around the cab of your vehicle or if you carry valuables that need to be locked up in your truck or Jeep.